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We Hate Your Band Gives Art Brut ‘Top Of The Pops’ A 9/10 Review

Art-Brut-Top-Of-The-PopsAnyone who doubts Art Brut’s capability to release a Best Of despite only releasing four albums need simply look to the likes of Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and Jeff Buckley – all artists that released much less material and yet have greatest hits compilations to their name. Though Art Brut may not have received the kind of universal acclaim the above artists were used to, they continue to be revered by their cult following for their raw thrashing guitars, live theatrics and Eddie Argos’s often shouty, always witty, vocals. If – for some bizarre reason – you are largely unaware of all of this, a listen to ‘Top of the Pops’ should help you familiarise yourself (aside from with the live theatrics, for that you’d need to go to one of their shows or at very least YouTube).

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