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Wayne Hussey Interview in The Huffington Post

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The Mission’s Wayne Hussey on A Playlist Without Borders

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Wayne Hussey of The Mission is interviewed on A Playlist Without Borders in The Huffington Post. Mike Rogogna quizzes the singer about Silver, the band’s twenty-fifth anniversary DVD which was filmed in 2007 at their London concert but has only just been released.

The contemporary difficulties the band face as pioneers and legends of goth are addressed when the question of the evolving genre is brought up. Hussey says, “We kind of fall between a rock and a hard place.” But that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing to bring out new and exciting music.

Hussey continues to discuss The Mission’s latest release, The Brightest Light, touring, plans for a solo album, and advice he would give other musicians-  “Try and be true to yourself. Try and be as honest with yourself as you can be. It’s not always easy but try and be true to yourself.”

Read the full interview HERE.