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UK Legends The Mission Release New Studio Album ‘The Brightest Light’ Today On The End Records

UK Legends The Mission Release New Studio Album ‘The Brightest Light’ Today On The End Records



“This is my rock album. It’s all fully flexed muscle and proud of itself. I wanted us to capture as closely as possible the sound that we make when we play live and I believe that for the very first time ever we have succeeded.” – Wayne Hussey

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (September 17, 2013) – Today marks the release of cult legends The Mission‘s highly anticipated new studio album ‘The Brightest Light’ now available via The End Records.

Initially known as The Sisterhood, The Mission are back with their most exciting album to date. Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams (Sisters of Mercy), & Simon Hinkler, original members all, along with drummer Mike Kelly, came to realize that they actually made quite a decent big ol’ noise together and wanted to capture their newly rejuvenated sound on record. In support of the new album, the band has embarked on a highly successful US headlining tour this September hitting all major market cities along the way.

This is a unique work and sounds only like The Mission, this is a band that has never sounded so good, so fresh, so true.

Suffice to say, The Mission have been making records and playing shows since 1986 with some years off in between for good/bad behaviour. In that time they have sold in excess of 4 million of their previous 12 studio albums and attendant singles, compilations, and live albums. They have garnered headlines in the world’s music press and not always for the quality and strength of their music. They enjoy a rabid, hardcore, devoted worldwide following. In 2011 they celebrated their 25th anniversary with a sold out European tour. Since then they have played more shows including South & Central America, and headlined (2nd stage) at the UK’s premier rock event, Download Festival, and in amidst this flurry of activity they decided they’d like to record a new album.

Anyone expecting a return to old familiar musical ground for The Mission is in for a surprise. This is a new album from a band that is obviously enjoying themselves and their newly re-found camaraderie and, whilst utilising all the modern day tools available to them, has recorded a timeless, classic rock album – in the true sense of the word. The Mission, finally after 27 years, have wholeheartedly embraced who they are and what they are good at and have produced probably the best ‘rock’ album of their lives.

“Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler, and Mike Kelly have managed to release an album that truly lives up to, and exceeds expectations. 9.5/10 – Damian Cousins (Examiner)

“It’s safe to say that original members Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Simon Kinkler and newbie drummer Mike Kelly may have made the best album the band has ever made.” – Classic Rock Revisited

“It’s an album with something to prove and does just that, with a collection of numbers that are both dark and driven at once. With three quarters of the original members back intact and a revitalized sense of purpose, The Mission has indeed found its mojo once again.” – New Noise Magazine

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