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  • Today Is The Day - Silver Anniversary

  • Silver Anniversary

    "Steve & co's music has showed us that loud amps in our faces is just as good as any shrink, bottle or pill. Today Is The Day was one of the first bands that made it ok to be unique, abrasive & aggressive before it was fashionable or marketable. They helped us realize that when you get to hear the war inside another man's head, it makes us feel a little less alone in our own wars." - Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

    "Today is the Day’s influence on noise rock and metal cannot be overstated. Look no further than all the bands today that ape the sound he helped pioneer two decades ago. Steve Austin is a modern legend." - MetalSucks

    "In a time where genre blending has become common ground, I look to Steve Austin as an innovator of this crucial movement. By fusing various interests, sounds, and atmospheres within a single metal album, Today Is The Day created many seminal records in their long discography. I couldn't think of a better time to re-issue these three albums, and take a look back on how they influenced the genre as we know it today." - Frank Godla, Metal Injection

  • Tracklist

    01. Adult World - 05:15
    02. My First Knife - 02:58
    03. Realization - 04:25
    04. Pinnacle - 01:37
    05. In The Eyes of God - 03:32
    06. Crooked - 02:59
    07. This Machine Kills Fascists - 02:46
    08. Broken Promises and Dead Dreams - 02:01
    09. Expectations Exceed Reality - 03:10

    Release date: Jan 20th, 2017