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The Sleeping Shaman Reviews Spirits Of The Dead’s ‘Rumours Of A Presence’


The Sleeping Shaman reviews Spirits of the Dead‘s ‘Rumours of a Presence’!


“Spirits Of The Dead bring the doom in for the hard-edged Sabbathesque ‘Red Death’ with Vikse pushing his voice into full-blown howling rock god guise and Thorstensen giving it the complete Bill Ward jazzy shuffle throughout. Such overt Sabbism here is the exception rather than the rule, though, as spectral acoustic number ‘Seaweed’ follows in a completely different vein again with the entire track comprising of Øvstedal’s crisp, biting acoustic guitar, Vikse’s lightly processed, breathy vocal and some judiciously applied maritime sound FX, and closing number ‘Oceanus’ moves into Led Zeppelin territory, driven by a pounding ‘When The Levee Breaks’ style beat and featuring a Page-esque mix of acoustic and brittle electric guitar.

It really is an incredibly refreshing change to hear a band that ostensibly operates within the Retro/Stoner Rock milieu that actually manages to retain an identity all of their own and isn’t relying on a slavish devotion to minutely recreating the tones, feel and sound of a particular band – or agglomeration of bands – from a particular era.”

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