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The Orb in Redefine Mag’s Decibel 2013 Review


The Orb Feature in Redefine Magazine’s Decibel 2013 Festival Review

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“They were clearly having a good time dancing around on stage and the whole affair had the feel of a great light-hearted hallucinogenic come-up.” -Troy Micheau

Troy Micheau reports for Redefine Magazine at  The Orb‘s set at the 10th annual Decibel Festival in Seattle. The Orb played the Showbox at the Market on September 28th to a crowd comprised of “adults who looked to be of the age where it would be reasonable to assume they were soaking in the duo’s classic records back when they were released.”

 “The Orb took the stage next… proceeded to welcome us all aboard their entheogenic time machine spaceship, to show us another universe where one can still construct a semi-coherent audio vehicle out of a passable trip-hop beat with a fat bass line and a load of samples. They also rode that shit out towards the edge of the universe for eternity — and man, it was fucking awesome.”

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