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The Music Reviews The Red Paintings Show at Hi-Fi!


The Red Paintings, Love Like Hate at The Hi-Fi

‘It’s been a criminally long time since we’ve seen Trash McSweeney and The Red Paintings dust off their costumes, but with their debut album finally on the shelf after five years in the making, all the stops have been pulled out for tonight’s theatrical spectacular. Insiders know a TRP gig is no ordinary night; it’s an event that gets silently drummed up to fever pitch and when it arrives no one is ever quite sure what to expect. A creepy atmospheric storm builds while two body-painted-black figures amble into place, soon followed by the old geisha vs Cossack figures of Trash and his four-piece. The lush violin and cello herald the pending onslaught of latest single You’re Not One Of Them. Despite a crapload of things going on around them – those black-clad figures are now being painted by some LED-lit creatures that have shuffled onstage while the others start tackling those mandatory blank canvases – it’s a precise and faultless performance. Charismatic as ever, McSweeney whips his troops into prog frenzy with Dead Adult and the Alice-themed Streets Fell Into My Window.
While they’ve favored mostly new stuff, a true oldie sneaks in the back door in the midst of the encore. Redneck gets a gracious whoop from those in the know in between the drawn-out The Revolution Is Never Coming. TRP are seriously far too underrated as technically intricate players and as an encompassing live show.’
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