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The Mission Interview with Amps and Green Screens


The Mission‘s Wayne Hussey catches up with Amps and Green Screens


“… I will share my joy that original members Wayne, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler, and drummer Mike Kelly decided to get together and deliver an album of great songs.” -Damian, Amps and Green Screens

Clearly excited by The Mission’s forthcoming album, “The Brightest Light”, A&GS chronicles a recent chat between Damian and Wayne Hussey. In the interview, Hussey is questioned about the legendary band’s newest album, living in Brazil, and Liverpool Football Club!

Regarding the album, Hussey notes “This is a record of where we’re at now, and that was really, really important to us, to capture that, as opposed to trying to emulate what we once were.”

Check out the full interview HERE.

“The Brightest Light” comes out September 17th. Get your copy HERE.