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The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Mag Reviews The Mission’s ‘Swan Song EP’

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THE SWAN SONG (EP) by The Mission
(The End Records)


This is the second single off the band’s latest release, ‘The Brightest Light’. Serving up five different versions of the song. Aong with a new song, “More Than Truth”. Fans of the band will welcome the different mixes. Wayne Hussey’s voice has that moody angelic vibe on this song. Quite different to the whiskey soaked rock delivery that The Mission fans are accustomed to. The overall qualities of the original mix remain, such as dense atmospheric and an ambient soundscape. The collage of sounds of each mix communicates something deep to the heart and, when combined with the presence of a voice like Wayne Hussey the listening experience can be downright liberating. The new track, “More Than Truth”, a mid tempo mover exhibiting The Mission’s signature sound creating a dense and stimulating sound that draws you in right from the beginning. ‘The Swan Song’, Ep on the whole, is a solid listen and comes highly recommended.
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine