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    Formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, California, Terrorizer released their 1989 debut album, World Downfall, to critical acclaim, quickly earning the status of a classic early grindcore band. Pete Sandoval’s ground-breaking drumming techniques make World Downfall a landmark record for speed drumming and a pivotal influence on metal worldwide.

    With the recognition of their first release, Terrorizer caught the attention of influential extreme metal bands, and Sandoval left the band for Morbid Angel, with Jesse Pintado joining Napalm Death. Terrorizer was on hiatus, but fans remained hopeful for the band’s much-needed return.

    Then in 2005, Sandoval and Pintado re-united Terrorizer under a new lineup to release their second studio album, Darker Days Ahead (2006). With Anthony Rezhawk on vocals and Morbid Angel’s Tony Norman on guitar and bass, Terrorizer was back. But in August 2006, during the week of the album’s release, Pintado died suddenly from complications arising from liver failure, and Terrorizer once again broke up, with Sandoval continuing with Morbid Angel.

    In 2012, Sandoval returned to Terrorizer with Rezhauk and Katrina Culture on guitar to release the solid yet steadfast Hordes Of Zombies. Eventually, Monstrosity’s founder Lee Harrison replaced Culture on guitar and Monstrosity/Inferneaon guitarist Sam Molina joined the band on bass and vocals. Now, under this current lineup of Sandoval (drums), Harrison (guitar), and Molina (vocals, bass), the stage has been set for Terrorizer to deliver another grindcore classic.