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Cryptic Rock Exclusive Photo Coverage – While She Sleeps at Nassau Coliseum, Warped Tour Uniondale NY

While She Sleeps at Warped Tour Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY 7-13-13 (Exclusive Photo Coverage) "All the way from Sheffield England, While She Sleeps is an interesting band.  Combining metalcore with melodic death metal influence the band hit the stage at 6:45 PM.  With a rather small turn out at the start as their music filled the air the crowd began to grow by the time they were into their 4th song.  High energy and emotional performance won over the crowd and guaranteed to earn … [Read more...]

Watch While She Sleeps “Shannon’s Bands” Warped Tour Interview

Shannon's Bands Interview w/While She Sleeps at Warped Tour Virginia Beach Lawrence & Mat from While She Sleeps share about their Warped Tour experiences, opening the main stage in SLC, bad fashion trends, which band is accident prone, which new bands to check out on the tour, and much more! (Interviewed at VA Beach Warped Tour on 7/9/13.) … [Read more...]

Crossfaith in “The Next New Things”: Editors picks for Warped Tour 2013

The Next New Things: Editors picks for Warped Tour 2013 Includes Crossfaith! "....Still, the reality of Warped hasn’t diluted Crossfaith’s long-lived dream to play it. “My first time being around Warped Tour was listening to a Warped Tour compilation album,” says Koie. “In 2005, I bought the CD when I was a high school student. I [discovered] Atreyu, Underoath and a lot of other great bands. I thought, ‘I want to be there. I want to be playing Warped Tour,’ so it’s been a … [Read more...]