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Stream: Scott Lucas & The Married Men ‘Cruel Summer’ is SoundTracking’s Song of the Day!

Scott Lucas & The Married Men 'Cruel Summer' is Soundtracking's "Song of the Day"! "Does his name sound familiar? That’s because you’ve heard of them before. Scott Lucas & The Married men is the side project of the lead singer of Local H (X Ambassador’s is a fan of their single “Bound for the Floor). Fun Fact: Scott Lucas started this side project as a way to win his ex-girlfriend back. Does this song sound familiar? Have you seen Karate Kid? Yup! This is a cover of … [Read more...]

Eklipse “Cry Me A River” Cover is Song of the Day on Soundtracking! Stream Available

Soundtracking Song of the Day: Eklipse "Cry Me A River" Cover “Eklipse takes a sultry instrumental spin on this #throwbackthursday. What do you think of this full-length #songoftheday cover?" Stream 'Cry Me A River' on Soundtracking HERE, and to keep up with their Song of the Day series or add your own listening profile, make sure to download the app here (also available for Android and Spotify). … [Read more...]