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Spirits of the Dead ‘Rumours of a Presence’ Album Review at Paranoid Hitsophrenic

Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence' Album Review "First off, this is Rock with a classic feel but an updated sound, similar perhaps to everything else but unlike anything you've heard.  Spirits of the Dead are breaking molds, seeming to have hit upon a winning formula that separates them from the pack of Scandanavian Retro Rockers.  It's amazing, the more of these throw-back kind of bands I discover from Northern Europe, the more I'm amazed that they not only don't all sound … [Read more...]

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR (week of 8/12/13)

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR #        ARTIST            Recording           Label 1 NEWSTED Heavy Metal Music Collective Sounds 2 CHIMAIRA Crown Of Phantoms E1 3 BUTCHER BABIES Goliath Century Media 4 FIGHT OR FLIGHT A Life By Design? Warner Brothers 5 JAMES LABRIE Impermanent Resonance Inside Out 6 VOLTO! Incitare Concord 7 DEFILED Daggers Nuclear Blast 8 KARNIVOOL Asymmetry Density 9 COUNTERPARTS The … [Read more...]

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR

Spirits Of The Dead on Loud Rock Weekly Top 10 for Station WLVR #        ARTIST            Recording           Label 1 PHILIP H. ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS - Walk Through Exits Only 2 BETTER LEFT UNSAID - Better Left Unsaid 3 NEWSTED - Heavy Metal Music 4 TROUBLE - The Distortion Field 5 ORPHANED LAND - All Is One 6 BUTCHER BABIES - Goliath 7 FIGHT OR FLIGHT -- A Life By Design? 8 AUTOPSY - The Headless Ritual 9 COUNTERPARTS - The Difference Between … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ Album Review at Exclaim!

Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence' Review "With their third record, Rumours of a Presence, Norway's classic proto-metal/stoner band, Spirits of the Dead, firmly anchor their aesthetic in the deep, fat niche of very early '70s hard rock. Combining songwriting elements of still-in-utero doom, psychedelia and progressive rock with a distinctly contemporary, sludgy stoner tone,Rumours of a Presence is a very retro-sounding record, in terms of how it's written with modern production … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead Guitarist Ole Øvstedal Lists His Top 5 Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

Spirits of the Dead Guitarist Ole Øvstedal Lists His Top 5 Game of Thrones Characters "Norway’s Spirits Of The Dead makes an odd combination as psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock sound epic on its most recent album,Rumours Of A Presence. So obviously HBO’s television adaptation of the medieval fantasyGame Of Thrones would be right up the band’s alley. With that in mind, we asked guitarist Ole Øvstedal to list his top five favorite characters from the Game Of Thrones universe. See … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead and Paradise Lost, This Week on WORT-FM 89.9 “The Mosh Pit”

Spirits of the Dead and Paradise Lost, This Week on WORT-FM 89.9 "The Mosh Pit"   *Current Release Spins – Media Guide (Alphabetical) ================================================= Artist Song Disk Label   Arch Enemy Kill With Power Dead Eyes See No Future - EP Century Media Autopsy Arch Cadaver The Headless Ritual Peaceville Baroness March to the Sea (BBC Live Version) Live at Maida Vale - BBC - EP Relapse … [Read more...]

WEOS 89.7FM The Metallic Onslaught Features Hey! Hello! and Spirits Of The Dead

For the week of July 29, 2013 ADDS Chimaira Deadlock Tarja Newsted Counterparts Karnivool Hey! Hello! Volto! SPINS Venom - Don't Burn The Witch Lord Dying - Greed Is Your Horse Burndwiller - Slobbering Souls Order Of The Dead - Neurot/Despot Trouble - One Life Korgull The Exterminator - Korgull The Exterminator Lords Of Trident - Complete Control Castleumbra - Realm Of Utumno Airbourne - Firepower Dream Death - You're Gonna Die Up There I Killed Everyone - Born Of … [Read more...]

Dead Rhetoric Gives Spirits Of The Dead ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ an 8/10 Rating

Spirits Of The Dead 'Rumours Of A Presence' Review on Dead Rhetoric "Spirits of the Dead source some mesmerizing tones, and soulful psychedelic rock, melding it all together in a magical blend that is timeless. A track like “Rumors of a Presence” takes it time to gestate into a moving composition of lingering ambient sounds at the start and then sliding into King Crimson-like harmonies towards the end of the song. In fact, many of the tracks are fashioned in this manner, harnessing … [Read more...]

New Noise Magazine’s “The Spins” Features Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead

The Spins #1: Intoxicating Turntable Treats Featuring Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead   Anvil Hope In Hell It’s hard not to like Anvil. The hapless duo may be terminally comical and musically obtuse, but one thing’s for sure, its got no shortage of spirit. Hope In Hell is the latest in a line of comeback albums since the documentary, The Story of Anvil came out a few years back. In true Anvil fashion, the album is full of traditional heavy metal and speed … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead Album Review at The Sludgelord – “Brilliant and Highly Recommended”

Spirits Of The Dead 'Rumours Of A Presence' Review at The Sludgelord "Fuck it. I am going to call them one of Norway's finest Hard Rock Bands they currently have...If you're already a fan of the bands trippy psych acid stoner rock riffs then you don't need me to convince you to buy this. As this is the bands best work to date. It's already starting to receive a load of praise. And it's praise wholly deserved." Read more at The Sludgelord   … [Read more...]

Sic Asylum Album Review Gives Spirits of the Dead a 9/10

Sic Asylum Gives Spirits of the Dead "Rumours of a Presence" 9/10   "It’s safe to say that Spirits of the Dead are Norway’s best kept secret....With Rumours Of A Presence it is impossible to classify Spirits of the Dead as any one genre of music or any particular band.  I was asked to describe them last night and was left completely dumbfounded.  After much thought, the best that I could do was say Mastodon meets Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, … [Read more...]

Anvil and Spirits of the Dead on WEOS “Metallic Onslaught” This Week

Spirits of the Dead and Anvil on WEOS Metallic Onslaught For the week of July 01, 2013 ADDS Autopsy Newsted Orphaned Land Huntress Ivanhoe SPINS Scorpion Child - Salvation Slave Activator - ...the Whole Fuckin' Village Into The Flood - Eye For An Eye Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known The Lone Tree In The Woods That Liked Us All - Realizing What Is Possible Newsted - Long Time Dead Autopsy - Running From The Goathead Every Knee Shall Bow - Slayers Of … [Read more...]