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Static Magazine Live Photos and Review of Sponge at South Side Music Hall

Sponge: Live at South Side Music Hall (Static Magazine) "Being my first time seeing Sponge and hearing them live I was blown away. With the era of the rockstar ending at the start of the new millennia, live concerts have a different essence these days. Not to mention the live show you go there to literally “see”. Sponge is a band of rockstars; Vinnie is a rockstar. Sponge puts on that show you are just dying to see."  - Static Magazine  Read the full review and check out some … [Read more...]

MV Times Show Preview: The Lemonheads in Edgartown 7/26

"Lemonheads, Ruel, and Luening at Flatbread" - MV Times Preview "The Lemonheads most recent album of new recordings is their 2009 "Varshons." It is filled with an unusual collection of material and artists. From songs by G.G. Allin to Texas troubadour Townes Van Zandt and garage rockers The Green Fuz, the Lemonheads make each track their own, with help from actress Liv Tyler, who sings back up on Leonard Cohen's "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye," and model Kate Moss, who sings over the … [Read more...]

Sputnik Music Rates Hey! Hello! 4.0 – “Excellent”

Sputnik Music Rates Hey! Hello! 4.0 - "Excellent"   "So, Ginger Wildheart, the genius behind The Wildhearts and the marrying of big heavy Metallica shaped riffs with cheery Beach Boys style melodies, decided to team up with New York songstress Victoria Liedtke, and record a noisy pop rock album under the name of Hey! Hello! And whilst the extended riff-athons and non-stop time changes that are a feature of any Wildhearts release are less conspicuous, this album still comes packed … [Read more...]

Amps And Green Screens gives Hey! Hello! 9.5/10, Chooses “All of Them” As Standout Tracks

Amps And Green Screens gives Hey! Hello! 9.5/10, Chooses "All of Them" As Standout Tracks "Hey! Hello! is U.S. vocalist Victoria Liedtke and U.K. multi-instrumentalist Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts), and it has to be the most delicious piece of ear candy to come out in a while. The ten song opus, produced by Russ Russell (The Exploited, Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir), features a slew of up-tempo, pop-party rockers including the album opener“Black Valentine”, which you’ll have to … [Read more...]

The Lemonheads Live at Outside the Box Festival – The Boston Globe Review

The Lemonheads Live Review - "Outside the Box music tells Boston stories" "Dando’s current version of the Lemonheads includes guitarist Chris Brokaw, on a break from the Come reunion tour, and drummer Todd Philips, known for his work in Bullet LaVolta and Juliana Hatfield’s band, who sent out a Tweet announcing the show Saturday was his first in Boston in more than a decade. The set also included an appearance by original Lemonhead Ben Deily playing guitar and singing on “Don’t Tell … [Read more...]

GoLocalProv Live Review: The Lemonheads Sweeten Up The Met

GoLocalProv Live Review: The Lemonheads Sweeten Up The Met "The crowd shuffled near the stage and The Lemonheads took the stage to a feverish applause. Led by Evan Dando on guitar and vocals they kicked it off with one of my faves in "Confetti" which had me singing every lyric and a few songs later they cranked out another gem with "Alison's Starting To Happen". "My Drug Buddy", "The Great Big No", "It's A Shame About Ray", a punk rock rendition of "Amazing Grace" that had Ben Deily taking … [Read more...]

The Mission ‘The Brightest Light’ Album Review via Santa Sangre

The Mission 'The Brightest Light' Review at Santa Sangre 'The Brightest Light' converts Santa Sangre to The Mission team: "Who the hell is this? Prepare yourselves, fans and even casual listeners…Whatever impressions you had about this band are about to be blown out of the water... One of England’s longest running musical groups have gone over the horizon in search of The Brightest Light. I’d never been a fan of what Wayne and co. do but if this is how their final chapter is to be … [Read more...]

Dead Rhetoric Gives Spirits Of The Dead ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ an 8/10 Rating

Spirits Of The Dead 'Rumours Of A Presence' Review on Dead Rhetoric "Spirits of the Dead source some mesmerizing tones, and soulful psychedelic rock, melding it all together in a magical blend that is timeless. A track like “Rumors of a Presence” takes it time to gestate into a moving composition of lingering ambient sounds at the start and then sliding into King Crimson-like harmonies towards the end of the song. In fact, many of the tracks are fashioned in this manner, harnessing … [Read more...]

New Noise Magazine’s “The Spins” Features Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead

The Spins #1: Intoxicating Turntable Treats Featuring Anvil, Godflesh, & Spirits Of The Dead   Anvil Hope In Hell It’s hard not to like Anvil. The hapless duo may be terminally comical and musically obtuse, but one thing’s for sure, its got no shortage of spirit. Hope In Hell is the latest in a line of comeback albums since the documentary, The Story of Anvil came out a few years back. In true Anvil fashion, the album is full of traditional heavy metal and speed … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead Album Review at The Sludgelord – “Brilliant and Highly Recommended”

Spirits Of The Dead 'Rumours Of A Presence' Review at The Sludgelord "Fuck it. I am going to call them one of Norway's finest Hard Rock Bands they currently have...If you're already a fan of the bands trippy psych acid stoner rock riffs then you don't need me to convince you to buy this. As this is the bands best work to date. It's already starting to receive a load of praise. And it's praise wholly deserved." Read more at The Sludgelord   … [Read more...]

Crypt Magazine Review: OPETH Lamentations Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2003 DVD

Crypt Magazine Review: OPETH Lamentations Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2003 DVD "The 2 documentaries give you up close and personal interviews with mastermind guitarist/vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt and the rest of the band members discussing the torturous process in recording what have become 2 of their most acclaimed records! Overall, this collection will satisfy the needs of those obsessed with these swedes, while serving as a crash course for the uninitiated into the world of Opeth, … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope in Hell’ Review at The Aquarian Weekly

The Aquarian Weekly Reviews Anvil 'Hope in Hell' "Hope In Hell is full of heavy riffs, with the bass following the guitar’s lead and pounding drums that really add energy into the music. This is a brilliantly produced album that demonstrates how this band has influenced some of the more notable groups of the metal genre." - The Aquarian Weekly Read the full review HERE. … [Read more...]