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WEOS 89.7FM The Metallic Onslaught Features Hey! Hello! and Spirits Of The Dead

For the week of July 29, 2013 ADDS Chimaira Deadlock Tarja Newsted Counterparts Karnivool Hey! Hello! Volto! SPINS Venom - Don't Burn The Witch Lord Dying - Greed Is Your Horse Burndwiller - Slobbering Souls Order Of The Dead - Neurot/Despot Trouble - One Life Korgull The Exterminator - Korgull The Exterminator Lords Of Trident - Complete Control Castleumbra - Realm Of Utumno Airbourne - Firepower Dream Death - You're Gonna Die Up There I Killed Everyone - Born Of … [Read more...]

Anvil and Spirits of the Dead on WEOS “Metallic Onslaught” This Week

Spirits of the Dead and Anvil on WEOS Metallic Onslaught For the week of July 01, 2013 ADDS Autopsy Newsted Orphaned Land Huntress Ivanhoe SPINS Scorpion Child - Salvation Slave Activator - ...the Whole Fuckin' Village Into The Flood - Eye For An Eye Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known The Lone Tree In The Woods That Liked Us All - Realizing What Is Possible Newsted - Long Time Dead Autopsy - Running From The Goathead Every Knee Shall Bow - Slayers Of … [Read more...]