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Get Deals on Albums from Chantal Claret and Petula Clark at Amazon “Divas Event”

Get Deals on Albums from Chantal Claret and Petula Clark at Amazon "Divas Event" Through August 18th, save on albums and tracks from Divas: legendary, in-their-prime, and in-the-making. This includes Chantal Claret's "The One, The Only..." ($5.99) and Petula Clark's "Lost In You" ($6.99). Head HERE to browse || See the albums. See the tracks. … [Read more...]

Petula Clark: Songwriter Interview With Songfacts

Petula Clark: Songwriter Interview With Songfacts Petula Clark chats with Songfacts about what's going on in her head when she's writing, singing, or performing, the process of collaboration, and details of her career as a whole. "Every song is sort of like a mini play to me. Incidentally, I just think I should say to you, I don't look on myself as a songwriter at all. I'm a sometime songwriter. I'll write a song if it comes to me, but nobody could say to me, "Will you write me a song?" … [Read more...]

The Orb & Petula Clark in the iTunes 69¢ WeMix Sale

The Orb "Ball of Fire" and Petula Clark "Downtown (New Version)" Part of iTunes WeMix 69¢ Sale   Both The Orb's "Ball of Fire" and Petula Clark's new version of "Downtown" are available for only 69 cents as part of the iTunes WeMix Sale! You've got until July 1st to grab them in the "Songs for the Beach" and "60s Hits" playlists. For the full albums, see below.     The Orb Petula Clark … [Read more...]

A Conversation with Petula Clark at Huffington Post

A Conversation with Petula Clark Mike Ragogna at The Huffington Post chats with Petula Clark about her upcoming performance at Tony Hatch's induction to the Songwriting Hall of Fame, her writing process for "Lost in You", and her continuing inspiration to create - "It's my love of music, my love of performing and my love of the audience. That's what it's all about. That's the bottom line for me. Perhaps it's not for all of the people around me because there's money in this, but I have … [Read more...]