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Listen to Interview with Lips from Anvil at Alan Cross

Lips From Anvil Chats with Andrew Epstein for Alan Cross "It's been extraordinarily busy. For the last six years it's been unbelievable, actually, nonstop; and that's writing, recording, touring, writing, recording, touring, nonstop. Is it hard? No, it's been a long time coming, you know? I can't do enough, that's how I feel about it. How do I compete? Actually it's the other way around, how do they compete with us? How do you compete with a band that's had thirty years of experience on … [Read more...]

“Lips From Anvil Is One Of The Good Guys” – Examiner Interview

"Lips from Anvil is one of the good guys" "We’d get into rehearsal and just start playing, and writing songs quickly. Because that’s when the truest magic is, when you’re not overthinking things, and you just let them naturally flow. That’s what we did with our earliest albums, because we didn’t know any better (laughing)! It was just complete innocence. For example, on “Flying”, we were in the heat of it, and I went to work on the solo, and Robb says to me, “Well, hurry … [Read more...]