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While She Sleeps Warped Tour Diary 2013 – Part 1 at Nefarious Realm

While She Sleeps Warped Tour Diary Part 1 at Nefarious Realm "WHILE SHE SLEEPS in a metal/hardcore outfit from Sheffield, UK. With their debut full length release, This Is The Six, released last year, the band has jumped the Atlantic to take part in this years installment of theVan’s Warped Tour and we will be providing them with a out let to pour their hearts out while on the trek. We will be bring you stories from the road, plenty of photos, and perhaps video clips!" Head to … [Read more...]

Warped Tour Interview: Crossfaith, via New Noise Magazine

 New Noise Magazine Warped Tour Interview: Crossfaith New Noise Magazine wrangled up Crossfaith for an exclusive video interview about their Warped Tour experiences and new album Apocalyze, due September 3rd (Pre-order) Check out the full article at New Noise Magazine HERE … [Read more...]

antiMUSIC Gets the Origin Story on ‘Swimwear’ Single from Hey! Hello!

Singled Out: Hey! Hello!  "Ginger Wildheart has a new collaborative band with Victoria Liedtke called Hey! Hello! and they are releasing their self-titled album today. To celebrate we asked Ginger to tell us about the first single, "Swimwear." Here is the story" It involves dragons, Courtney Love, drunkenness, and Bruce Lee.... Read the full article here … [Read more...]

Des Moines Register Chats with Sponge in Preparation for Tonight’s RAGBRAI Celebration

"Four ’90s rock acts highlight downtown Des Moines RAGBRAI celebration" - Interview with Sponge "What you have on this tour is bands that have been doing this for many years, so A) they’re probably doing something right, and B) they’re probably not jerks,” Dombroski said. “In my experience, all these guys have been nothing but enjoyable. It may sound kind of cliche and corny, but we’ve all been through the ringer together, and now we want to play music. We’re all sitting in … [Read more...]

Legendary Rock Interviews: Scott Lucas Talks About Married Men, New EP, Vocal Healing and more

Scott Lucas Talks About Married Men, New EP, Vocal Healing and more Legendary Rock Interviews:  Thanks for talking to us Scott.  For those who are unaware, you were involved in a mugging incident in Russia this past February that caused you a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. How difficult was your recovery and how are you feeling? Scott Lucas:  Pretty difficult, actually. I’m still not all the way there. I’m getting there, but it’s been a much slower process than I … [Read more...]

Watch While She Sleeps “Shannon’s Bands” Warped Tour Interview

Shannon's Bands Interview w/While She Sleeps at Warped Tour Virginia Beach Lawrence & Mat from While She Sleeps share about their Warped Tour experiences, opening the main stage in SLC, bad fashion trends, which band is accident prone, which new bands to check out on the tour, and much more! (Interviewed at VA Beach Warped Tour on 7/9/13.) … [Read more...]

Scott Lucas Interview on WXAV ‘Alternative Sounds For Your Head’

Scott Lucas Interview on WXAV 'Alternative Sounds For Your Head' CLICK HERE to stream the entire interview at SXU Student Media   … [Read more...]

Petula Clark: Songwriter Interview With Songfacts

Petula Clark: Songwriter Interview With Songfacts Petula Clark chats with Songfacts about what's going on in her head when she's writing, singing, or performing, the process of collaboration, and details of her career as a whole. "Every song is sort of like a mini play to me. Incidentally, I just think I should say to you, I don't look on myself as a songwriter at all. I'm a sometime songwriter. I'll write a song if it comes to me, but nobody could say to me, "Will you write me a song?" … [Read more...]

Listen to Interview with Lips from Anvil at Alan Cross

Lips From Anvil Chats with Andrew Epstein for Alan Cross "It's been extraordinarily busy. For the last six years it's been unbelievable, actually, nonstop; and that's writing, recording, touring, writing, recording, touring, nonstop. Is it hard? No, it's been a long time coming, you know? I can't do enough, that's how I feel about it. How do I compete? Actually it's the other way around, how do they compete with us? How do you compete with a band that's had thirty years of experience on … [Read more...]

Scott Lucas & The Married Men Performance & Interview on Vocalo’s “Live From Studio 10″ – Chicago Public Radio

Scott Lucas & The Married Men Performance and Interview on Vocalo's "Live From Studio 10" "Chicago musician Scott Lucas is known not only the leader of the legendary alt rock band Local H, but also as the frontman for prominent alt folk rock ensemble The Married Men. The band covers a diverse scope of sound ranging from melodic love songs to dark and heavy tunes with sinister harmonies. The band’s new EP Cruel Summer is a follow up to their well-acclaimed Blood Half Moon, and tonight … [Read more...]

IN THE MIXX Live From NYC – Hey! Hello! Interview

IN THE MIXX Live From NYC - Hey! Hello! Interview   Watch IN THE MIXX's interview with Ginger Wildheart for some background info on the origins of Hey! Hello!, plus live footage from the sold out shows in New York! … [Read more...]

“Lips From Anvil Is One Of The Good Guys” – Examiner Interview

"Lips from Anvil is one of the good guys" "We’d get into rehearsal and just start playing, and writing songs quickly. Because that’s when the truest magic is, when you’re not overthinking things, and you just let them naturally flow. That’s what we did with our earliest albums, because we didn’t know any better (laughing)! It was just complete innocence. For example, on “Flying”, we were in the heat of it, and I went to work on the solo, and Robb says to me, “Well, hurry … [Read more...]