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antiMUSIC Singled Out: The Candles’ “Believe You Now”

Singled Out: The Candles' Believe You Now "Today The Candles frontman (and Norah Jones bassist) Josh Lattanzi tells us about the song "Believe You Now" from their brand new album "La Candelaria". Here is the story: This song was one of the first I wrote for the batch that would eventually make up La Candelaria. Lyrically, it's pretty self explanatory. Not too many hidden messages. It's really an observation of several friends' simultaneous experiences with their significant others that … [Read more...]

antiMUSIC Gets the Origin Story on ‘Swimwear’ Single from Hey! Hello!

Singled Out: Hey! Hello!  "Ginger Wildheart has a new collaborative band with Victoria Liedtke called Hey! Hello! and they are releasing their self-titled album today. To celebrate we asked Ginger to tell us about the first single, "Swimwear." Here is the story" It involves dragons, Courtney Love, drunkenness, and Bruce Lee.... Read the full article here … [Read more...]