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Crypt Magazine Review: OPETH Lamentations Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire 2003 DVD

Crypt Magazine Review: OPETH Lamentations Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2003 DVD "The 2 documentaries give you up close and personal interviews with mastermind guitarist/vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt and the rest of the band members discussing the torturous process in recording what have become 2 of their most acclaimed records! Overall, this collection will satisfy the needs of those obsessed with these swedes, while serving as a crash course for the uninitiated into the world of Opeth, … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope in Hell’ Review at The Aquarian Weekly

The Aquarian Weekly Reviews Anvil 'Hope in Hell' "Hope In Hell is full of heavy riffs, with the bass following the guitar’s lead and pounding drums that really add energy into the music. This is a brilliantly produced album that demonstrates how this band has influenced some of the more notable groups of the metal genre." - The Aquarian Weekly Read the full review HERE. … [Read more...]

This Machine Is Not Broken: The Dandy Warhols Review at Huffington Post

This Machine Is Not Broken: The Dandy Warhols Review at Huffington Post "The instrumentation in the album is incredible, the production very clean. "Sad Vacation" and "The Autumn Carnival" are great cuts. I especially love the addition of brass to the ensemble. Though CTT may sound tired in "I am Free," the triumphal build and blare of the trumpets make the song bright and roadtrip-worthy....Likewise, "Don't Shoot, She Cried" weaves layers of harmonica, synth, and acoustic guitar into a … [Read more...]

5 Star Hey! Hello! Album Review on Electric Banana

5 Star Hey! Hello! Album Review on Electric Banana "Perennially under exposed to mass audiences, Ginger has been at this music biz thing for over twenty years now and has an extremely loyal fan base, allowing him to essentially do whatever he likes. Luckily, what he likes to do is function as a cornucopia of consistently jaw dropping music. However, loyalty is not a pre-requisite to Hey! Hello!. The concentrated joy emanating from every single note cannot fail to invigorate the soul. … [Read more...]

PUSHMEN Featured in Rock-A-Rolla

PUSHMEN featured in Rock-A-Rolla Magazine Rock-A-Rolla's July issue features a great review of PUSHMEN "The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair".  Visit Rock-A-Rolla for more details on the latest issue!   … [Read more...]

Sic Asylum Album Review Gives Spirits of the Dead a 9/10

Sic Asylum Gives Spirits of the Dead "Rumours of a Presence" 9/10   "It’s safe to say that Spirits of the Dead are Norway’s best kept secret....With Rumours Of A Presence it is impossible to classify Spirits of the Dead as any one genre of music or any particular band.  I was asked to describe them last night and was left completely dumbfounded.  After much thought, the best that I could do was say Mastodon meets Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, … [Read more...]

Lordi Reviewed by Innocent Words

Innocent Words Reviews Lordi "To Beast Or Not To Beast"   "If you like your hard rock/metal mixed with substantial horror overtones and just the right amount of idiosyncrasies, then not only is Lordi right up your alley, To Beast Or Not To Beast is a record for you to hear." Read the full article HERE. … [Read more...]

About Heavy Metal Reviews Spirits of the Dead Heavy Metal Album Review: Spirits of the Dead   "With the flow of a long drag on a sensimilla roach, drummer Geir Thorstensen and bassist Kristen Hultgren hypnotically anchor this nickelbag collection. Historically accurate lo-fi production crystalizes the eight sugar cubes of stoner- jam dreamscapes." - Heavy Metal Read the full review HERE … [Read more...]

Sacred Mother Tongue ‘Out of the Darkness’ Review at Colossal Pop

Colossal Pop Reviews Sacred Mother Tongue's 'Out of the Darkness'   "If I’d never heard it, my life would suck. Bands like Sacred Mother Tongue are exactly what I love about being a reviewer. If you love any form of rock and roll then do not let this band slip under your radar because with just one listen it will become one of your favorite albums of 2013." Thanks Colossal Pop! Read the full review here.   … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ Review at Colossal Pop

Anvil 'Hope In Hell' Review at Colossal Pop   "Hope in Hell is another thoroughly metal album from Anvil. What I enjoy the most about their last few albums is that, even after the documentary, nothing has really changed. They still sound like Anvil, a cross between Alice Cooper, Motorhead, and AC/DC, with a little heavier edge. They have a fun and cheesy side, especially lyrically, but are all business when it comes to the music....If you have never heard Anvil before than this is … [Read more...]

Anvil ‘Hope In Hell’ Review at The Talkhouse

Anvil 'Hope In Hell' Review at The Talkhouse   "Hope in Hell is pure rock & roll from start to finish, the unmistakable sound of a band that has spent a lot of time on the road. There's nothing really tricky about the production, it's very straight-up and sounds great, not too many overdubs, and all of this leads me to believe that the place Anvil really shines is onstage. I’m going to check them out next time they come through Philadelphia." Read more at The … [Read more...]

PUSHMEN Rated “Excellent” on Metal Temple

PUSHMEN - The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair "The idea here is straightforward and what PUSHMEN manage to accomplish is to put together their metallic sound alongside their love for hardcore punk. And what they are bringing forth is an album sitting exactly in-between the two genres; “The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair” includes in its nine songs the best of both worlds....(it) reveals that PUSHMEN are a band on the rise. And it will be unforgivable to … [Read more...]