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Hey! Hello! is Love Is Pop’s Album of the Day

Hey! Hello! is Love Is Pop's Album of the Day “Hey, it’s OK, not all days, can be beautiful days,” they sing during “Feral Days” and that’s the sort of lyrics you get on this album. It might have a punk rock edge, but there aren’t any angry manifestos or damn the man songs here. No cheesy ballads either. Nope. Another way to describe Hey! Hello!? They’re like a hard rock band covering 10 spectacular power pop songs. “Why can’t I just be me without you,” Ginger asks … [Read more...]

Spirits of the Dead ‘Rumours of a Presence’ is Roadburn’s Album of the Day!

Roadburn's Album of the Day: Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence'   Roadburn explain why they chose Spirits of the Dead 'Rumours of a Presence' as their Album of the Day: "Images of Pink Floyd & Van Der Graaf Generator pop up on tracks such as ‘Dance of the Dead’ and the title cut, thanks to some yearning vocals and layers of guitar and keyboard effects, but for the most part there’s a spooky, often times doomy vibe going on here, that when combined with the … [Read more...]