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Sputnik Music Rates Hey! Hello! 4.0 – “Excellent”

Sputnik Music┬áRates Hey! Hello! 4.0 – “Excellent”


“So, Ginger Wildheart, the genius behind The Wildhearts and the marrying of big heavy Metallica shaped riffs with cheery Beach Boys style melodies, decided to team up with New York songstress Victoria Liedtke, and record a noisy pop rock album under the name of Hey! Hello! And whilst the extended riff-athons and non-stop time changes that are a feature of any Wildhearts release are less conspicuous, this album still comes packed with deleriously bouncy and rocking riffs.

Album opener Black Valentine kicks things off with a stunning riff, quick and poppy and irresistibly toe-tappy, before the two vocalists start chanting back and forth to each other after some kind of break-up. Meanwhile the guitar builds up in the background before exploding into the chorus, and the gloriously singalong nature of the whole album follows, with the first of many choruses that will live in the head for a long time. By the end of the song, it’s pretty clear that Ginger is still on top songwriting form here.” – Sputnik Music

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