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Spirits Of The Dead’s ‘Rumours Of A Presence’ Reviewed by Selective Memory


Spirits Of The Dead got a great Review from Selective Memory for their last album ‘Rumours Of A Presence’


‘Spirits of the Dead, characterized as Norway’s finest (and probably only) export of stoner-folk-rock, return with Rumours of a Presence. The unit’s third release encompasses different eras, tapping into the altered state jams of the ‘60s & ‘70s while integrating the doom and dread of modern times. With Norway’s reputation of exaggerated cadaverous metal, Spirits of the Dead’s sounds of psychedelic slumber is a refreshing glimpse into a new world. While the band’s sound undoubtedly still resides in a damp hollow, groveling in the melodic undertones of the dark;Rumours of a Presence has a stirring energy, a hope of some sort, within its undertow.’

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