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    The artists who would come to be known for posterity as Sparks commenced inventing their often-copied, seldom-equaled brand of music back around 1970, when pop was young and brash and the Southern California airwaves awash with a contingent of post-British invasion inspirations like The Kinks, Barretts Floyd, and The Seeds.

    Having focused on writing and recording the two narrative projects (The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman & Annette) Ron and Russell returned to the studio in 2016 to write “3 and 4 minute pop songs”. They subsequently revealed the album title as Hippopotamus, announced their performance at the BBC 6 Music Festival 2017 in Glasgow on March 24th, as well as a world tour, and signed a worldwide record deal with BMG. The band line up for the BBC 6 Music Festival includes previous Sparks drummer Steve Nistor, Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford of Mini Mansions, Michael Shuman of Mini Mansions and Queens Of The Stone Age, and Evan Weiss of Junk.

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