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Sleaze Roxx Reviews Anvil’s Show at Rockpile West in Toronto


Anvil‘s concert in Toronto featured in Sleaze Roxx


‘With fifteen studio albums to choose from, the band certainly has lots of material that it can play. Anvil elected to kick off the show mostly with some old classics from the band’s probably three best known albums including “666” from ‘Metal On Metal’, “School Love” from ‘Hard ‘n’ Heavy’ and “Winged Assassins” from ‘Forged In Fire’. The newer songs played fit nicely into Anvil‘s set — “Badass Rock ‘N’ Roll” from the newest release ‘Hope In Hell’ and “On Fire” from ‘Juggernaut Of Justice’ sounded really good’

‘I left the show feeling that I had seen a great passion filled show from Anvil and I look forward to seeing the band play live again in the future.’

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