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Sic Asylum Album Review Gives Spirits of the Dead a 9/10

Sic Asylum

Sic Asylum Gives Spirits of the Dead “Rumours of a Presence” 9/10



“It’s safe to say that Spirits of the Dead are Norway’s best kept secret….With Rumours Of A Presence it is impossible to classify Spirits of the Dead as any one genre of music or any particular band.  I was asked to describe them last night and was left completely dumbfounded.  After much thought, the best that I could do was say Mastodon meets Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Katatonia and Neurosis.  Confused or intrigued yet? Good, me too. That’s how complex of a band they are and how pointless it is to try to put into words exactly what I’m listening to

….For me, this album was a nice introduction to a new band for my ever growing library of music and a keeper in the rotation when I absolutely can’t figure out what the hell I’m in the mood to listen to and don’t want to put on Dark Side Of The Moon or something as clichĂ©. The album and the band in general may be too vivid for some listeners but it’s a quality listen that I’ll give a 9/10. ”

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