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Sic Asylum Album Review Gives Spirits of the Dead a 9/10

Sic Asylum

Sic Asylum Gives Spirits of the Dead “Rumours of a Presence” 9/10



“It’s safe to say that Spirits of the Dead are Norway’s best kept secret….With Rumours Of A Presence it is impossible to classify Spirits of the Dead as any one genre of music or any particular band.  I was asked to describe them last night and was left completely dumbfounded.  After much thought, the best that I could do was say Mastodon meets Pink Floyd, Rush, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Katatonia and Neurosis.  Confused or intrigued yet? Good, me too. That’s how complex of a band they are and how pointless it is to try to put into words exactly what I’m listening to

….For me, this album was a nice introduction to a new band for my ever growing library of music and a keeper in the rotation when I absolutely can’t figure out what the hell I’m in the mood to listen to and don’t want to put on Dark Side Of The Moon or something as cliché. The album and the band in general may be too vivid for some listeners but it’s a quality listen that I’ll give a 9/10. ”

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