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  • Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight

  • The Ceaseless Sight

    “As a solo artist, Rich Robinson, the guitar-playing brother in the Black Crowes, has been a gathering storm, closing in on a lyrically spiritual, musically earthy balance of electric-blues bravado, psychedelic-country exploration and almost courtly vocal cool.” - Rolling Stone

    “On top of the encouraging message of ‘The Ceaseless Sight,’ the music itself is downright flawless. Robinsonhas taken the influences of his entire lifetime and integrated them into one sound”. - Ultimate Classic Rock

    "Robinson’s most musically diverse and sophisticated effort yet. While southern rock and Stones evocations that hearken back to classic Black Crowes abound, Rich has begun forging an identity both in his lyrical approach and guitar work that stands apart from earlier work with his brother and the Black Crowes." – Musicians Friend

    "“One Road Hill” spotlights Rich’s penchant for crafted arrangements. And the reset of The Ceaseless Sight is robust with catchy melodies and an arching, pastoral feel that has more in common with Neil Young than Jerry Garcia." – Premier Guitar

    “In the end, the best reason to listen to The Ceaseless Sight is a simple one: it’s a wonderful album to get lost in … and come out the other side feeling good.” – Relix

  • Tracklist

    01. I Know You - 04:13
    02. Down The Road - 04:10
    03. One Road Hill - 04:17
    04. The Giving Key - 05:45
    05. This Unfortunate Show - 03:46
    06. In Comes The Night - 03:15
    07. Inside - 04:00
    08. I Have a Feeling - 05:30
    09. I Remember - 03:49
    10. In You - 05:14
    11. Trial and Faith - 05:40
    12. Obscure the Day - 04:52

    Release date: Jun 3rd, 2014