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Reviews: The Mission’s “The Brightest Light”

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Evilsponge Reviews The Mission‘s

“The Brightest Light”


“The best moments on The Brightest Light can be found where the band is not trying to rock out, and I am surprised to find that I like the slower blues-twang tracks….” -Inspector Jason

Inspector Jason looks at the “bluesy ‘trucker goth'” band’s latest album in terms of itself, not comparing it to any of its predecessors. “The Brightest Light” is awarded four sponges (out of a possible seven).  And just in case you’re wondering, according to the website, four sponges means “a decent album, that fans of the given artist/genre will think is ‘tha bomb.'” Read the full review HERE.

“The Brightest Light” comes out September 17th but is available for pre-order at The Omega Order.