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Review: Cage the Gods is ‘One of the Hottest New Bands to Arrive onto the Rock Music Scene’

‘Badlands’, the anticipated debut album from Cage the Gods, is reviewed on Dedicated Rocker Society


‘The band is made up of, Peter Comerford on vocals, Jam on guitars, Mitch Witham on bass and Colin Jones on drums. A hard rock edge sound that is almost impossible to come by in today’s market, giving it a refreshing slant on the current trend.’

‘ The album is entirely strong throughout and I can’t imagine any fan of rock music being disappointed. The vocals are up front and confident, the guitar hooks are powerful b.and go for the throat and the rhythm section are as tight as they come. Listening to, ‘Badlands’, you can feel the band’s energy pour out of the speakers. It’s genuine. It is an extremely well-executed album that should please fans of both classic and modern rock.’

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