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While She Sleeps – This Is The Six (Digital Deluxe)


On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, The End Records, as part of a joint venture with Sony UK/Search & Destroy Records, released a Deluxe Digital Edition of WHILE SHE SLEEPS’ “This Is The Six.” The package includes bonus material including the brand new song ‘Death Toll.’

The song, which debuted on the BBC’s Radio 1, can be heard in its entirety here:

Guitarist Sean Long says, “This track [Death Toll] is a combination of all of our most dark and raw songs but with a new anthemic twist. This time it has such a distinct underlining demonic feel to it that I think will really set it apart from both- The North Stands For Nothing and This Is The Six.”


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Release Details

Artist:While She Sleeps
Release:This Is The Six Digital Deluxe
Release Date:04/23/2013
Track-listing:This Is The Six Deluxe Digital Edition Tracklist:

1. Dead Behind The Eyes
2. False Freedom
3. Satisfied In Suffering
4. Seven Hills
5. Our Courage, Our Cancer
6. This Is The Six
7. The Chapel
8. Be(lie)ve
9. Until The Death
10. Love At War
11. The Plague Of The New Age
12. Reunite

Digital Deluxe Tracks

1. Death Toll
2. Weathered Man (Love At War Alternate Version)
3. False Freedom (Acoustic)
4. Seven Hills (Alternate Version Feat. Jenny Staniforth)
5. Our Courage, Our Cancer (Acoustic)
6. Sickness Over Health (Until The Death Alternate Version)

iTunes & Amazon Exclusive – Audio Video Combo Deluxe
1. This Is The Six (Track By Track)
Record Label:The End Records / Search And Destroy