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The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming


The Red Paintings are proud to announce, after five years in the making and recorded across 8 world class studios throughout the globe, ‘’The Revolution Is Never Coming’’ has finally had it’s final mix in Los Angeles, this truly is a record of epic proportions. Sharing desires shaped from a passionate world view, The Revolution Is Never Coming is what Trash hopes will be the tipping point for the band’s career. With their diverse history and cult following, the band has stepped into 2013 with an arsenal of music, a highly-praised innovative live performance, and die-hard. It truly looks as though the future is now for the band.

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Release Details

Artist:The Red Paintings
Release:The Revolution Is Never Coming
Release Date:09/30/2013
Track-listing:01. Vampires Are Chasing Me
02. Dead Children
03. Dead Adults
04. Wasps
05. The Fall Of Rome
06. Walls
07. Streets Fell Into My Window
08. You’re Not One of Them
09. It Is As It Was
10. Hong Kong
11. Deleted Romantic
12. Rain
13. The Revolution Is Never Coming
Format:CD, Digital
Record Label:The End Records