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The Candles – La Candelaria


Hot off a successful tour with legendary songstress Norah Jones, The Candles are proud to present their 2nd full length album La Candelaria. While Josh Lattanzi (guitarist and frontman) labored over their debut album Between the Sounds obsessively in his apartment, he took a different approach with La Candelaria (titled after a historic neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia that he visited on tour).

“I wanted it to sound as live as possible,” he says. He recorded in five different studios between New York and Massachusetts with the band, with several tracks produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish) and Mike Denneen (Aimee Mann). The band attacked Lattanzi’s air-tight hooks with razor-sharp execution; listen carefully to Roberts’ other-worldly psych-prog escapade in “What Happens Next,” Pynn’s twangy steel-guitar bite in “Blind Light,” Remm’s haunting organ flourishes in “One Way Ticket” and Wieczorek’s tight minimalist grooves throughout.

The Candles are looking to spend the next year on the road, and Lattanzi adds they’ll back up some of their best friends too. “At this point, we’ve spent so much time making music together, we’re a tested unit,” he says.

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Release Details

Artist:The Candles
Release:La Candelaria
Release Date:07/09/2013
Track-listing:01. Blind Light
02. Believe You Now
03. Hello Blue
04. Passenger
05. As Far As I Know
06. Come In From The Cold
07. One Way Ticket
08. Gold
09. All In Your Mind
10. What Happens Next
Record Label:The End Records