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Spirits of the Dead – The Great God Pan

the great god plan

Spirits of The Dead are unashamedly retro in sound. From propulsive rhythms to Sabbathesque doom, the record basks in authenticity. But they are adding a portion of freshness that bring them out of the retro bag that holds so many striving bands trying to re-capturing the magic. Influenced by the epic, heavy sounds of Dead Meadow and Black Mountain as much as they are their personal masters of the past – Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson – the band have put together something wholly convincing and water tight.


Release Details

Artist:Spirits of the Dead
Release:The Great God Pan
Release Date:07/05/2011
Track-listing:1. Mighty Mountain
2. Leaves Of Last Year’s Fall
3. Pure As The Lotus
4. The Great God Pan!
5. Casting The Runes
6. Goldberry
Record Label:The End Records