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Spirits of the Dead – Rumours of a Presence


When “Norway’s finest psychedelic-stoner-folk-band” Spirits of the Dead, released their eponymous debut album in 2008, few could have been more surprised than the band of the albums overwhelming reviews.

Crowned with a place in Classic Rock Magazine’s “The Best Albums of the Year”, their second album ‘The Great God Pan’ somehow evoked a both retrospective and futuristic quality and made it clear that something was in the making. The band claimed they were “mixing the Sound of the Past with the Sound of the future”. Well…

Now it’s 2013, and Spirits of the Dead are about to raise the stakes. “Rumours of a Presence” digs deeper and goes to even more profound places than the band has ever been before. Recorded in remote districts of Norway, this grand record lingers on the big questions: Life, Death and the Sea. Well, to be honest…Death and the Sea, really.

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Release Details

Artist:Spirits of the Dead
Release:Rumours Of A Presence
Release Date:06/25/2013
Track-listing:01. Wheels of the World
02. Song Of Many Reefs
03. Golden Sun
04. Dance Of The Dead
05. Rumours Of A New Presence
06. Red Death
07. Seaweed
08. Oceanus
Format:Digital / LP
Record Label:The End Records