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Scott Lucas & The Married Men – The Cruel Summer EP


Scott Lucas & the Married Men released Cruel Summer EP on June 25th 2013. The five-song EP will be available on limited-edition 7” vinyl and digitally via The End Records. The EP is the follow up to the band’s sophomore album, Blood Half Moon, released last June.

“Cruel Summer” will be on side A of the 7” record. The new song “Never Better,” a master class in dynamics that sees Lucas wearing his heart on his sleeve again, will be the B-side.  A cover of the story song “Coward of the County” (best known as a Kenny Rogers song) and stripped down, violin and acoustic guitar versions of two Married Men songs from Blood Half Moon round out the digital version of the EP: “Heavy Lidded (Acoustic) Love” and “There You Are (Again).”

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Release Details

Artist:Scott Lucas & The Married Men
Release:Cruel Summer EP
Release Date:06/25/2013
Track-listing:01. Cruel Summer (Bananarama cover)
02. Never Better
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03. Heavy Lidded (Acoustic) Love
04. Coward Of The County
05. There You Are (Again)
Format:Digital / 7
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock (Alternative)