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Scott Lucas & The Married Men – Blood Half Moon

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Scott Lucas (Local H) formed the Married Men in early 2009, releasing their full-length debut George Lassos The Moon and The Absolute Beginners EP in 2010. Blood Half Moon is distinctively darker, yet ultimately more optimistic than Scott Lucas & the Married Men’s previous records. From the searing violin and haunting organ on the opening track “Lover the Lullaby” to the closing, scorching eight-minute rendition of the traditional “Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down),” this album is HEAVY — figuratively and sonically. Its songs touch on endings, disappointment, betrayal, confusion, love, uncertainty and death.

Blood Half Moon was produced by Andy Gerber (Smoking Popes, the Tossers, the Effigies) in the band’s native Chicago. The album was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio, bringing in engineer Greg Norman (Neurosis, Pinebender, Russian Circles) to assist. And, to infuse just the right amount of heaviness, they turned to metal guru Sanford Parker (Yakuza, Pelican, Bloodiest) to mix it.


Release Details

Artist:Scott Lucas & The Married Men
Release:Blood Half Moon
Release Date:06/05/2012
Track-listing:1. Lover The Lullaby
2. Blood Half Moons
3. Steady Gaze
4. There You Are
5. Old Worries
6. Out Of The Boat
7. Heavy Lidded Love
8. There Ain't No Grave
(Gonna Hold My Body Down)
Format:CD, Vinyl
Record Label:The End Records