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Psychoteria – I Think I’ll Just Stay Home


“I Think I’ll Just Stay Home” continues guitarist/composer Errol Antzis’ explorations into guitar driven melodic rock. Antzis also plays bass, keys and drums, as well as provides lead vocals on the album, following in the footsteps of such multi-insturmentalists as Todd Rundgren and Prince. His collaborations with Akkerman and Mover add yet another dimension to the album, with styles ranging from Metal to Pop to Country.

The album includes theme music written and performed for the TV series “Acting Class”, with Antzis and Akkerman providing some incendiary guitar duels on a number of tracks. “I wrote many of the songs during an extremely difficult period of my life, and the raw emotion is evident in the lyrics and performances” says Antzis. “Collaborating with such incredibly talented artists as Jan and Jonathan proved to be motivating and inspiring, and the results are a real amalgam of styles and influences”.

PSYCHOTERIA shows what is possible when one artist focuses on feelings and experiences that are life shaping events, and then shares them with amazingly talented collaborators.


Release Details

Release:I Think I'll Just Stay Home
Release Date:09/13/2011
Track-listing:01. Way Out
02. Acting Class (R&B)
03. I Think I’ll Just Stay Home
04. The Soft and the Hard
05. Acting Class (Pop)
06. Anatomy
07. The Loner
08. Can’t Get Away
09. I Don’t Know
10. It’s Only Love
11. Acting Class (Rock)
12. I Used To Be
Record Label:The End Records