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Petula Clark – Lost In You


In an incredible career spanning over seven decades, Petula Clark has become a true International Superstar. She cut her first record in 1949 and has subsequently become one of the best selling British female artists in recording history, selling over 68 million records worldwide.  Petula released her album in the US April 2013 via The End Records, featuring a mix of stunning new songs and beautifully done covers.

”An album fit-to-bursting with hauntingly beautiful songs that are as modern as any singer is putting out there.” – Express

”Clark’s vocal is a delicate mix of mid-1960s pop-music cool masking a hint of very convincing vulnerability…” – AllMusic

”Breathtaking comeback single [Cut Copy Me]” – Pop Juice

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Release Details

Artist:Petula Clark
Release:Lost In You
Release Date:04/02/2013
Track-listing:1. Cut Copy Me
2. Lost In You
3. Crazy
4. Never Enough
5. Downtown (New Version)
6. Next To You
7. Reflections
8. He Loves And She Loves
9. Every Word You Say
10. Imagine
11. Love Me Tender
12. I Won’t Care
Record Label:The End Records