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Paradise Lost – Evolve: Live DVD (Reissue)


Paradise Lost are a heavy metal band formed in 1987 in Halifax, England. Along with countrymates Anathema and My Dying Bride, they are credited for creating the subgenre known as Death/Doom Metal.They  also became known as pioneers of Gothic Metal, and have been noted as an influence on bands such as Katatonia, Opeth, and Lacuna Coil.

Evolve is a DVD of 2 live concert performances, 9 rare promo videos, and home videos, over 2 & a half hours. Live performances from The Longhorn in Stuttgart, September 5th,1993 and Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, 26th January 1998

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Release Details

Artist:Paradise Lost
Release:Evolve: Live (reissue)
Release Date:08/28/2012
Track-listing:"Harmony Breaks" Live at The Longhorn, Stuttgart, September 5th, 1993
01. Deus Misereatur
02. Mortals Watch the Day
03. Joys of the Emptiness
04. Your Hand In Mine
05. Widow
06. Shallow Seasons
07. Pity the Saddness
08. As I Die

Promo Videos:
09. As I Die
10. Pity the Saddness
11. True Belief
12. Embers Fire
13. Widow

Home Movies:
14. Dying Freedom (Rehearsal)
15. Laid To Waste
16. Sweetness
17. Medley

"One Second Live" Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, January 26th 1998
18. Say Just Words
19. Hallowed Land
20. Blood Of Another
21. True Belief
22. Disappear
23. Lydia
24. Dying Freedom
25. Mercy
26. Shadowkings
27. The Sufferer
28. Rememberance
29. Forever Failure
30. Soul Courageous
31. One Second
32. This Cold Life
33. Embers Fire
34. As I Die
35. The Last Time

More Promo Videos:
36. The Last Time
37. Forever Failure
38. Say Just Words
39. One Second
40. End Credits / Deus Misereatur
Record Label:The End Records