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Okta Logue – Tales Of Transit City


After being sent on a wondrous journey by the first song, we hear all kinds of themes during the continuing course of »Tales Of Transit City« e.g. Beatles-quotes, Brit-Pop-reminiscence, never before written Keith-Richards-riffs, Wilco-bows and club-sounding synthesizers, that meet with exalted choirs. As soon as the album is over, you astonishingly want to hear it all again. Okta Logue are a shiny example of what extraordinarily musical results young bands can achieve nowadays. This is of course also due to their parents’ record collection, as well as the infinite archive of the internet. But primarily I see a circle closing for myself, the heir of 20, 30 years of electronic music and club culture, which probably reversed the polarity of every particle in this country. Ever since, we rock, dance, party, compose, love and write differently under German rooftops.

I hear all of this in the subtext of Okta Logue. A serenity, sovereignty and candidness born of this freedom draws our attention in every song and in every note of »Tales Of Transit City« – much stronger, but also much more self-evident as on their debut     »Ballads Of A Burden«.

It turned out to be a damn good second album – after all you can make a lot of mistakes – an album, that casually and sexily frees itself from the vintage-trap and retro-drawer, that beats itself with its own weapons and which takes a decisive step towards pop without losing itself in clichés, pomp or kitsch.

Okta Logue still wear pants and t-shirts, which are way too tight and too short and their haircuts are impossible. They will hopefully maintain this ultra-cool image of a cross-dressing hipster-band, which has heavily turned back the clock. They will probably continue making awesome videos, even though they no longer need this image for »Tales Of Transit City«. This is music, which you damn well enjoy listening to, even if you are blind. «

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Release Details

Artist:Okta Logue
Release:Tales Of Transit City
Release Date:09/30/2013
Track-listing:1. Transit
2. Mr. Busdriver
3. Dream On
4. Let Go
5. Chase The Day
6. Judith
7. Cats In The Alley
8. Just To Fall Asleep
9. You
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock, Alternative