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InMe – Overgrown Eden (Reissue + Bonus Tracks)


INME – Overgrown Eden (bonus tracks)
Overgrown Eden is the debut album from English alternative/metal trio InMe, which reached #1 on the UK Rock Charts and #15 on the overall UK Album Charts. Melodic, accessible & infused with progressive touches recalling Pink Floyd, its personal, cathartic lyrics are delivered in Dave McPherson’s versatile vocal style.

This reissue includes 6 bonus tracks taken from the Elysium: Overgrown Eden Live DVD.


Special Edition:



Release Details

Release:Overgrown Eden
Release Date:08/28/2012
Track-listing:1. UnderDose
2. Firefly
3. Wounds
4. Lava Twilight
5. Natural
6. Her Mask (P.A.)
7. Energy
8. Crushed Like Fruit
9. IceWarm
10. Trenches
11. Neptune
12. Mosaic

Bonus Tracks
13. UnderDose (live)
14. Firefly (live)
15. Her Mask (P.A) (live)
16. Nova Armada (live)
17. Cracking The Whip (live)
18. Single Of The Weak (live)
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock (Alternative Rock)