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Hung – Hung


HUNG is a melodic/progressive death metal band based in New York City that transcends musical definition. With their unusual line-up of electric violin and guitar switching off on leads, HUNG challenges the norm. Their music moves fluently between brutal, aggressive riffs to eerily beautiful melodies, to daredevil, virtuosic passages, all while maintaining its own distinct and cohesive sound. Lyris Hung, electric violin, founded the band with guitarist Evil Jon and bassist Sam Roon, two of whom had worked together in Masque of the Red Death. Moscow-born growler Dmitry Kostitsyn takes the front-man position. The members of HUNG have brought a wide array of influences into their music, ranging from classical to jazz to rock, thus creating a sound that is at once paying homage to the masters of European death metal.


Release Details

Release Date:05/08/2012
Track-listing:01. Eos
02. Desert Of Sad
03. Progeny
04. Maria
05. Left For The New Life
06. Evil Tsar
07. Inertia
08. Infernal Redeemer
09. Matter Of The Blood
10. Sediment Of War
Record Label:ReThink Records