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Hull – Beyond the Lightless Sky

hull beyond

Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, HULL has yet again emerged with a creation to outlive the ages. Hard at work since the release of their debut album, Sole Lord, in 2009, ideas were envisioned and the mighty wind of creativity brought upon this Earth the latest saga, “Beyond The Lightless Sky”.

Known to behold vast sound expanses, HULL maximizes harmony and tone within one monstrous palate. Upon your brow, focus, as a furious whip of intermingling guitars propel you through the atmosphere as a low pulse resonates through your entire being while the pounding drums blanket all chasms of reality. Find yourself immersed in a musical tide as it is played out before your ears beyond the lightless sky.


Release Details

Release:Beyond the Lightless Sky
Release Date:10/11/2011
Track-listing:01. Earth From Water
02. Just A Trace Of Early Dawn
03. Beyond The Lightless Sky
04. Curling Winds
05. Fire Vein
06. Wake The Heavens, Reveal The Sun
07. False Priest
08. A Light That Shone From Aside The Sea
09. In Death, Truth
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Metal (Sludge Metal)