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Hey! Hello!

Okay, here is the scoop: They made something. Oh my matching arms and legs, did they ever make something!! Here is the best part: they made it for YOU.

Who is “they” you ask?? Well, obviously “they” is the excessively sweet-smelling, ambitiously color coordinating, nonsense generating, imagination capturing, imagination releasing followed by immediate imagination recapturing, guitar noise purveying transatlantic pop/rock duo answering to the name- Hey! Hello!.

Hey! Hello! is NY vocalist Victoria Liedtke and multi-instrumentalist Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts) and they released their self-titled debut album on The End Records on July 23, 2013.

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Release Details

Artist:Hey! Hello!
Release:Hey! Hello!
Release Date:07/23/2013
Track-listing:01. Black Valentine
02. Feral Days
03. Why Can't I Be Me Without You?
04. Swimwear
05. Burn The Rule Book (Fuck It)
06. Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Cliches) 07. The Thrill Of It All
08. How I Survived The Punk Wars
09. I'm Gonna Kiss You Like I'm Going Away
10. We're Outta Here
Format:CD / Digital
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock (Party Rock)