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Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire


Dead Letter Circus are unlike any rock band to emerge in years. Part of the beauty of the soaring, sing-a-long choruses, chiming atmospherics and delay soaked tones of Dead Letter Circus is their escape from easy classification via labels or scenes.

Debut album This is the Warning hit #2 on the national ARIA charts and spawned 6 radio singles, with 2 commercial crossover hits One Step and Cage being added to major networks, and the album being certified Gold. The Catalyst Fire is the follow up to Dead Letter Circus’ hit debut album and was released on Tuesday, Oct. 29th via The End Records/UNFD.

Dead Letter Circus have spent the last nine months writing and recording their sophomore album with long-term producer and collaborator Forrester Savell. Comprising of 11 tracks, the album marks a clear progression of the traditional DLC sound, while retaining the energy and intensity they are known and loved for.

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Release Details

Artist:Dead Letter Circus
Release:The Catalyst Fire
Release Date:10/29/2013
Track-listing:01. The Cure
02. Alone Awake
03. Burning Man
04. Lodestar
05. I Am
06. Say Your Prayers
07. The Veil
08. Insider
09. Lost Without Leaders
10. Stand Apart
11. Kachina
Bonus Tracks
12. I Am (acoustic)
13. Lodestar (acoustic)
14. Wake Up
Record Label:The End Records