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Cradle Of Filth – Dusk And Her Embrace (Reissue)


‘Touched By Jesus, Fingered By God’, a forthcoming slogan from a T-shirt produced by Cradle Of Filth’s own merchandise enterprise Vampyrotica. Tasteless? Maybe. Provocative? Certainly. Necessary? Well, that one will always be debatable. Cradle Of Filth are just doing their job.

‘Dusk And Her Embrace’, their third CD, had breakthrough album written all over it, the one that would start Cradle Of Filth on their controversial, provocative, premeditated ascension.


Release Details

Artist:Cradle Of Filth
Release:Dusk And Her Embrace (re-issue)
Release Date:07/03/2012
Track-listing:1. "Humana Inspired to Nightmare" (Instrumental) 1:23
2. "Heaven Torn Asunder" 7:06
3. "Funeral in Carpathia" 8:24
4. "A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil's Whore)" 8:35
5. "Malice Through the Looking-Glass" 5:30
6. "Dusk and Her Embrace" 6:09
7. "The Graveyard by Moonlight" (Instrumental) 2:28
8. "Beauty Slept in Sodom" 6:32
9. "Haunted Shores" (feat. Cronos of Venom)
Record Label:The End Records