The End Records

Cradle Of Filth – Cruelty And The Beast


1998 concept album based on the legend of Hungarian “blood countess” Elizabeth Bathory
– Regarded as an essential COF release, Cruelty and the Beast has been featured in various
best-of lists, including Kerrang!’s “Essential Black Metal Albums” list.


Release Details

Artist:Cradle Of Filth
Release:Cruelty And The Beast
Release Date:07/03/2012
Track-listing:Disc 1:
01. Once Upon Atrocity
02. Thirteen Autumns And A Widow
03. Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
04. Beneath The Howling Stars
05. Venus In Fear
06. Desire In Violent Overture
07. The Twisted Nails Of Faith
08. Bathory Aria
09. Portrait Of The Dead Countess
10. Lustmord And Wargasm [The Lick Of Carbivorous Winds]

Disc 2:
01. Lustmord And Wargasm [There Licking Of Carbivorous Winds]
02. Black Metal
03. Hallowed Be Thy Name
04. Sodomy And Lust
05. Twisting Further Nails (The Crucifiction Mix)
Record Label:The End Records