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Cosmo Jarvis – Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?

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Cosmo Jarvis is an artist for whom one word will never really be enough. He’s a singer, a songwriter, an actor, a director, a composer, a producer and a multiinstrumentalist. He writes about topics ranging from his alienation from religion to the equal treatment of gay pirates (and he’s completed nearly three hundred songs already).
After dropping out of school at sixteen, Cosmo released his self-titled debut album at age nineteen. Containing twenty one tracks spread across two discs, Cosmo’s first album was – to say the least – an ambitious effort. If ‘Cosmo Jarvis’ fizzled with ideas and an array of sounds, there is a greater degree of focus on its follow-up, ‘Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?’. Yet Cosmo remains anything but predictable.
First single ‘Gay Pirates’ is a poignant yet rousing story of two men whose forbidden love sees them forced to walk the plank. The song has already become a cult hit: with over 550,000 Youtube views and over 10,000 downloads, it has been lauded by the likes of Stephen Fry, 6 Music, XFM and the NME. ‘Gay Pirates’ is the first taster of a complex, eclectic yet direct second album. On few records, for instance, would you find the mix of bluegrass, rap-led funk and tender hip-hop featured on “Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?’
Cosmo Jarvis is, as Brian Eno suggests, a new kind of artist. His interests and ambitions appear never ending, and his contradictions – observant yet naïve, outspoken yet introspective- are a large part of his appeal. Cosmo is, quite simply, just Cosmo.


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Artist:Cosmo Strange
Release:Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?
Release Date:10/11/2011
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock (Alternative)