The End Records

Chantal Claret – The Pleasure Seeker


Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, both discs see Chantal putting a modern twist on early ’60s femme-pop.She introduces the disc with a thick-grooved lead single, “Bite Your Tongue,” which described as a “soulful, bluesy pop number that should be a hit with fans of singers like Adele and Lily Allen.” The song can be heard at Soundcloud.

“When people ask what the music sounds like, I say, imagine Tina Turner fronting Outkast at Bette Midler’s bat mitzvah,” says Chantal. “I wanted songs that sound like they could’ve been written in the ’60s or ’70s, but with a big fat hip-hop-like low end. Luckily for me, a lot of amazing people came together to help me pull it off–not because they were looking for a payday, but because they believed in my music and that means everything to me.”


Release Details

Artist:Chantal Claret
Release:The Pleasure Seeker
Release Date:05/08/2012
Track-listing:1. Bite Your Tongue
2. Honey Honey
3. Pleasure Seeker
4. Pop Pop Bang Bang
Format:Digital EP
Record Label:The End Records