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Audio Bullys – Higher Than The Eiffel


AUDIO BULLYS – Higher Than The Eiffel
Audio Bullys are set to return with a new album after a four year gap since their last album. Recorded and produced by the band with help from a cast of friends including Suggs and Mike Barson of Madness, Charlie Creed Miles and Simon Franks’ brother Jimmy, ‘Higher Than The Eiffel Tower’ sees the duo of Franks and Tom Dinsdale recapture the energy and dancefloor instincts that made Audio Bullys one of the most successful UK dance acts of the previous decade. By mixing their love of house and breaks with an expansive list of musical collaborators, switching across dance’s myriad genres and throwing away the rule book, Audio Bullys has made their finest record to date. ‘Higher Than The Eiffel Tower; is a worthy successor to breakthrough debut ‘Ego War’ and follow up ‘Generation’ which spawned the massive worldwide hit, “Shot You Down”. Audio Bullys make no secret of the fact that the long gap between ‘Generation’ and ‘Higher Than The Eiffel Tower’ was in part due to that massive success. Having lost their way following the release of ‘Generation’, ‘Higher Than The Eiffel’ sees the pair return to top form after a few false starts. Recorded in a six month burst through 2009 and made with the express intent of creating an album for their mates rather than a record company, to be ‘respected by the people that you want to respect you’ as Simon puts it, the fourteen tracks range from the full on club stomp of lead single, ‘Only Man’ and rave anthemics of ‘Kiss The Sky’, to the psychedelic come down of ‘Daisy Chains’, the Chic guitar disco of ‘Dynamite’ and the ska stylings of ‘Goodbye’. The bangers are still here but this is a complete album, a journey through various dance musics, all held together by Simon’s conversational lyrics and the little production twists and turns that are the hallmark of Audio Bullys sound.


Release Details

Artist:Audio Bullys
Release:Higher Than The Eiffel
Release Date:01/18/2011
Track-listing:01. Drums (on with the story)
02. Only Man
03. Daisy Chains
04. Feel Alright
05. Twist Me Up
06. Dynamite
07. Drained Out
08. London Dreamer
09. The Future Belongs To Us
10. Shotgun
11. Dragging Me Down
12. Smiling Faces
13. 17
14. Goodbye
Record Label:The End Records
Genre:Rock (Alternative Rock)